Hotel California

Do you know the song „Hotel California“ and its meaning?Kennst du das Lied „Hotel California“ und seine Bedeutung? Gay & Lesbian Family Law in Texas Texas is the Hotel California of same sex marriage May 19, 2015 The Eagles sang about the Hotel California in their 1977 song: “You can check-out any time you like, but … Mehr Hotel California


** Telecommuting, also called remote working, telework, teleworking, working from home (WFH), mobile work, remote job, work from anywhere (WFA), and flexible workplace,is a work arrangement in which employees do not commute or travel (e.g. by bus, bicycle or car, etc.) to a central place of work, such as an office building, warehouse, or store. ** The practice became much more mainstream during the global coronavirus pandemic of 2020-21, when millions of … Mehr Poltergeist

„Dark Mofo“ Satanic ritual

Dark Mofo is the winter version of the MONA FOMA festival, also held in Tasmania, Australia.With many of its events taking place at night, it celebrates the darkness of the southern winter solstice and features many musical acts, large scale light installations and a winter feast. Due to its pagan influence and darker themes, it has been aligned with the Tasmanian Gothic aesthetic in literature … Mehr „Dark Mofo“ Satanic ritual

Out of time

Business Today, March 25. 2021 The world should be back to normal by the end of 2022 thanks to COVID-19 vaccines, Bill Gates said in an interview for Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza and television broadcaster TVN24. „This is an incredible tragedy,“ the Microsoft co-founder said on the pandemic, adding that the only good news was … Mehr Out of time

Rainbow children

** According to Nikki Pattillo from the website, Star Children are children who have been sent to Earth from all over the Universe (some even argue they are ‘fallen stars’) to help in the upleveling of our Planet.// Laut Nikki Pattillo von der Website sind Sternenkinder Kinder, die aus dem ganzen Universum auf die Erde geschickt … Mehr Rainbow children